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Defining A Ministry
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What is a Chaplaincy?

A Chaplaincy is a specialized Ministry that provides service to the public-at-large rather than to a specific congregation, temple, or church. Chaplains of every faith can be found serving in hospitals, retirement and extended care facilities, the Nation's Armed Forces, prisons, and other public and private institutions. Many community service organizations, clubs, colleges and universities also have chaplains.


Veterinary Chaplain

I Am, I Know, I Love...
St. Augustine, the Hippo

Kasey's eyes are full of love.

This Veterinary Chaplaincy ministers to the spiritual, emotional, and moral issues of pets and their human families.The Pet Clinc is not just a place of business, it primarily mission is that of loving service and healing families.
Ministerial support includes waiting with a family for their "special one" to receive routine shots, blood tests, or emergency treatment. Emergency transport is also provided
Euthanasia planning and spiritual support are important aspects of this Chaplaincy. This chaplaincy offers memorial services and other celebrations of family life.
It affords the Chaplain an outlet to love unconditionally, serve with joy, and grow spiritually.
A  Joyous Work in Progress....


Chaplain "On-Site" 
-- Prayer Support for "Pets" and their families on-site & on line
-- Home and hospital visits to families-staff members
-- Phone calls, letters, email,and cards to provide support and appreciation
-- "Hands On" Healing Ministry
-- Compassionate Support for Bereavement
and Euthanasia issues
-- Celebrations of The Spirit,
(adoption blessings,naming ceremonies,
Burial services)
-- Growth through Service
   "Loving All God's Children"

Logo: Courtesy of  Virbac/C.E.T.
3200 Meacham Blvd.
Forth Worth, TX 76137

The Pet Clinic of Rocky Mount
does not endorse any religious
or religious communities.