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Hallowed Ground

The Earth of God


O God, at the very center

From whom all being ripples forth,

Bring us to the circled cross.

There to be saved.

There to be healed.

There to be enlivened.


For without Christ Divine, at the crux,

The center does not hold.

Without reverence all around,

The Great Circle is broken

Without recycling and reviving-

The great circle is broken-

The web does not hold.


The whales sing sad songs.

The bear, fewer woods to roam.

Rainforests, torched and trampled.

Rivers choked and clogged.

Ask the Ancient Ones.

Be they kinfolk, clan, tribe, nation

They will tell you.


The trees do sing!

The rocks do speak!

The soil gives birth!

God's breath fills the Earth!

We live on the Earths Circle.


Christs Halo - the moon, sun, stars, and planets.

To heal the Great Circle is to recircle.

To heal is to forgive and mend.

This day, and every day,

Let me heal my circle,

Blessing and reverencing all around.


I walk with beauty before me.

I walk with beauty beneath me.

I walk with beauty behind me.

I walk with beauty above me.

I walk with beauty all in and around me.

Your Earth, our home, is so beautiful, O God.


---- William John Fitzgerald

A Contemporary Celtic Prayer Book





There is a time for everything
A purpose under Heaven
       --- Ecclesiates 3:1